Skill Transfer Partner (STP) Program 

We have started our project based training for industrial prototypes on emerging technologies such as Analytics, Data Mining, SAP HANA, HPC/CEP, SCADA/HMI, Big Data, Cloud, etc. 

We use our own solution development model i.e. 5P SCRUM based prototyping in our project based training modules. Come and learn from a practitioner’s approach and develop prototypes while you learn a new technology/tool. 

STP - Skill Transfer Program

Our STP methodology consists of the following techniques –

  1. 5P prototyping development model for applied training -Scrum + Agile + ITSM compliant
  2. WBS based training progress planning
  3. FOSS for developing industry prototypes using a flexible technical stack
  4. Scrum based training modules to learn and test concepts
  5. SIPFT Learning Framework–Segment; Industry; Process; Functional and Tool

Register for new batches starting from Q4,2016 at or call us at - 

+91-707-770-0165 or +91-738-105-1978

STP program benefits

Training Modules

We are starting with the following batches - 

  1. Run Analytics and Big Data on Cloud (5 tracks) - SAP HANA; Data Analysis in R/SPSS; Big Data in a Box;  AWS Cloud Management; Data Mining using Python
  2. Social Media Analytics on Cloud (Complete one package/1 track) - SEO; Sentimental Analysis; Google Analytics and e-Commerce
  3. Financial Engineering and Data Modelling (4 tracks) - 3 tracks on NCFM ; 1 track on non-NCFM
  4. Engineering Projects (4 tracks) - SCADA/HMI; HPC/CEP; Big Data; iOT/M2M; Scilab/SAGE; DWSIM


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