Our delivery centers can act as customer’s “offshore technical labs” where research and development on emerging technology stack can be demonstrated for business and technology fitment.

We develop prototypes using a factory led approach -

  1. 5P - an adapted agile scrum framework acting as a DNA of the rapid solution development
  2. WBS - work breakdown structure at the heart of planning, development as well as post development stages with a weekly scorecard reporting to customers on the readiness
  3. Cloud as a backbone in design, development and deployment stages
  4. Best of breed scalable but cost effective technical stack - combination of open stack + proprietary
  5. 6-8 weeks of rapid application development using a common project management kit
execution model @greenojo

Some of our analytical prototypes in action from SAP HANA, IBM Watson, IBM SPSS, etc for our customers 
Well logs analysis on IBM Watson Well Log analysis in IBM SPSS
 Data Analysis in SAP HANA  Pipeline incidents using IBM Watson

We have also mapped our organization structure with each functional team's roles and responsibilities with the 5P prototype development (similar to  assembly line concept). The result we have got a "DevOps" structure which helps on delivering prototypes within stipulated time and budget in a more predictive manner. 

organization structure mapped with 5P model - result a "DevOps" structure