Key Engagements

Upstream Data Analytics -Solution built for a Tier 2 Oil Field Service Provider

Monitoring Well Integrity - Solution built for an upstream oil major in Middle East

Integrated Oil Fields - Developed for a major Indian Operator as part of an accelerator program

Pipeline Incidents Analyzer - POC designed at one of the largest LNG importer in India

Refinery Incidents Analyzer - Designed and delivered an AI driven POC based on a refinery accident model

Impact from our Oil & Gas Solutions

Improves drilling performance by comparing drilling patterns across wells

Enhances local reporting and decision making

Enhances real-time analytics at the site level

Provides an unified view of data from multiple sources – structured, semi-structured and unstructured

Improves drilling visibility and operations across multiple wells
Improves pipeline monitoring by analysis of incidents

Monitors and predicts asset integrity across the energy value chain

Subsurface Data Analytics - Upstream Data Analyzer (UDA)

We have designed a SAP HANA certified solution called “Upstream Data Analyzer (UDA)” – which helps in instant visualization as well as predictive analysis of logs from Oil & Gas upstream operations.

Key Features Benefits
  • On-demand, predictive and agile data-to-insights (d2i) platform
  • Solution can be plugged in as part of Digital Oil Field (DOF) strategy for an upstream oil & gas firm 
  • Combines both structured and unstructured data sources
  • Uses prediction models for sub-surface characteristics, drilling plans, production, etc. 
  • Supports application of AI/ML algorithms for NPT reduction strategies
  • A/I and ML based module of lithology prediction  combined with real time data can avoid drilling surprises/incidents
  • Can reduce NPT in upstream operations significantly
  • Knowledge Management / Learning System to train models for prediction
  • Flexibility to be deployed on clients’ private cloud as well as access at the offshore project sites
  • Plug n play enterprise stack with your well logs repository

UDA - Snapshot 1 UDA - Snapshot2

External Link - UDA - Well Logs Analysis

Refer our Case Studies section to download the case on  "Reduce your NPT using Upstream Data Analyzer (UDA)"

Drilling Operations Network - DrillNet

We have developed a “Drilling Operations Network (DrillNet)” to address the need for real-time dashboards for drilling consoles for mud, pump, drill assembly, well integrity and pit/tank monitoring.

Key Features Benefits
  • Handles real-time drilling & sub-surface data from drilling operations
  • Allows real-time, micro-batch as well batch wise visualization as well as analytics – from a time + depth perspective
  • Manages multiple monitoring dashboards - visibility to drilling  parameters, such as mud properties, pump and casing pressure, tank volumes, etc. 
  • Combined data-to-insights process managing WITS (level 0 – ASCII), WITSML and LAS sources
  • Ready implementation framework to perform advanced drilling data analytics
  • Light weight stack which connect  drilling site(s) to  remote monitoring centers 
  • Can provide predrill models from Offset Wells data
  • Real-time as well as Predictive visibility and alerts - helps  drilling operations monitoring with ease
  • Plug-in with WITS OPC servers
  • Private/Public cloud as available deployment options 
DrillNet - Snapshot 1 DrillNet - Snapshot2 
Refer our Case Studies section to download the case on "Subsurface Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Operators

E&P Data Manager (EDM) 
We have developed EDM to address the need for reducing TAT(Turn Around Time) for E&P data transformations jobs and enable Process Automation in E&P data management domain.
Key Features Benefits
  • Adapters built in for SEGY, LAS, WITS, WITSML , PRODML, RESQML, etc. 
  • Automation Scripts for Routine tasks like Splicing, Merging, Data Transformation
  • E&P Logs Visualization extensions for Enterprise Reporting Tools
  • Plug n play adapters with your E&P data repository
  • Quick TAT(Turn Around Time) for Data Transformations jobs
  • Process Automation in E&P Data Management
  • Acts as a plug-in for Enterprise Scale of Logs Visualization and Analytics
EDM - Snapshot1 EDM - Snapshot2

Pipeline Incidents Data Analyzer - PDA
We have designed and developed a "Pipeline Incidents Data Analyzer (PDA)" by applying analytics on incidents data gathered from multiple sources (external as well as internal) that can be applicable to any midstream pipeline operator

  • Understanding health of pipelines and take necessary action incase of discrepancies from data analyzed from past incidents
  • Other data sources which were considered were pigging/inspections data as well as real-time IoT/sensor data
  • Applying predictive as well as prescriptive analytics in a cognitive platform to understand the correlation and relationship between various reported events
  • Improves pipeline monitoring by analysis of incidents
  • Extension of the design of the system to enable edge analytics
PDA - Snapshot1