Our solutions design focus is based on the objectives set by customers around the “emerging and futuristic” business and technical innovation. 

solutions design team
  • Customer's futuristic business strategies such as digital fields, smart grids, genomics, robotics, AI in Application Management, nanotechnology, digital asset management using iOT, etc.
  • Customer's current business challenges relating to data at – assets side, enterprise side or at end customer’s side
  • Customer's propensity towards emerging technology – Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and Digital (Social, Security and Mobility) 

We design solutions on the following principle on "KPI" concept 

ASSETS - Utilization/Return/Connected

  • Assets (Analytics, iOT) - Data Quality Management; Performance Monitoring; Remote Diagnostic Management

WORKFORCE - Productivity/Agility/Remote

  • Workforce (Automation, Big Data, Cloud) - Connected Workforce; Enterprise Gamification; Augmented Field Force

CUSTOMERS - Engage/Experience/On Demand

  • Customers (Digital - Social, Gamification, Mobile) - Customer 360+; Connected Customers
Solution design principle
design and development - flexibility in service delivery Solution design principles at greenojo consulting is aligned with the core “customer engagement strategy” i.e. defined by - agility, speed and innovation