We build financial data models to generate insights (we call it financial "d2i" = data to insights) to support better commercial decision making. Our model development takes an agile approach and we use our partner ecosystem if needed; such as "big query" to show you instant value adds. We provide financial consulting services in the areas of – technical analysis; risk management; algorithmic trading; complex derivatives structuring and high-frequency trading. In the research side "financial inclusion" for NGOs and SMEs; and "project finance" are our key focus areas.


financial engineering - service design

We develop analytical models in mathematical finance to support trading, hedging, investment, and risk management decisions. We have built a SIPOC framework as part of our portfolio management services to allow investors to better understand the risks vis-a-vis an industry segment and plan their entry/exit strategy. 


We have also started  project based financial engineering training for NCFM as well as non-NCFM tracks.You can write to us at for any customized classroom/online training coordination. 

Financial Engineering and Data Modelling

Financial Engineering and Data Modelling