Our service portfolio includes business transformation solutions leveraging emerging technologies and collaboration with global technology partners. Being small makes us more “agile, fast and innovative”.

Service Portfolio

To manage business innovation and growth we provide services through 3 capability focus areas - 

  1. Emerging Technology Consulting
  2. Projects Based Training
  3. Technical Applied Research

Analytics, Big Data, HPC/CEP, Cloud, SAP HANA and M2M/iOT technologies drive our IP assets base across services, solutions and softwares (i.e. packages/products/platforms). We have a further 3 tier service portfolio to scale up the service offerings in the areas of financial engineering, digital intelligence and industrial services.

Why you should partner with greenojo ?  

Partner with us



1] Engagement Model 
  • On demand services partner
  • Provide OPEX model of technology transformation  
  • "Engage = SMALL ; Deploy = FAST; Analyze = ROI" 
2] Business Alignment
  • Solutions based on futuristic innovation and demands of business environment
  • Lower TCO by adopting Open Source Stack, Cloud and SCRUM prototyping model
3] Commercial Flexibility
  • Outcomes based contracts
  • Business SLAs instead of operational SLAs
4] Solution Considerations
  • Domain solutions leveraging emerging technologies
  • Agile based 5P prototyping model of solution development
  • Solution design principles based on - Assets, Workforce and Customers
5] Risk Management
  • Gradual technology execution - OPEX mode of transformation
  • Partnered with SAP, IBM, Amazon, Google etc.