Greenojo Consulting Private Limited (greenojo) is into IT solutions focusing on emerging and futuristic technologies. The IT startup actively engages in technical consulting, solution building and research services for industries such as Energy (Oil & Gas; Renewables), Power Utility, Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing.

It intends to be a proactive technology advisor to industrial challenges and policy development. The core objective is to be a technology partner in emerging technologies for industry, academics and government agencies. We provide technical consulting, technical solutions, research and training to our industrial customers in US, Middle East, Europe and India.

Key facts of Greenojo Consulting Private Limited


  • 150+ man years of project experience in IT delivery and sales with Fortune 100/500 firms
  • 10+ in-house technical design frameworks
  • 20+ industry prototypes delivered to global customers
  • 3+ global sales hubs (Houston, London and Dubai)



  • Application of Analytics, Big Data, Cloud & Digital in Applied Research |Technical Consulting |Skill Training   

3i Concept

IMAGINE - Processes and models to be flexible, scalable and compliant

IDEATEAgile frameworks with prototypes in shorter duration

IMPLEMENT - Emerging tech such as analytics, big data, cloud & digital

Co Create. Co Generate. Co Transform

Our customer engagement model is based on a Assess/Activate/Analyze principle : Assess = SMALL; Activate = FAST; Analyze = ROI

We intend to create a factory of technical prototypes and proof of concepts (POCs), from which you can take some of them to pilot to understand the technology alignment with your business strategy. And, if you bring us something new, our engineers would love to work with you to find the solution.