Aug 15,'14| greenojo gets live !

News Capsules

Apr 05, '16 | Smart Cities on IBM Watson Ecosystem 

greenojo announces its intent to work on a Smart Cities framework on IBM Watson Ecosystem. It wants to utilise Watson IoT, Watson Service APIs and Waston Analytics in developing prototypes for citizens' engagement, empowerment and enablement. 

Dec 21, '15 | Jumpstart Startups 

greenojo announces a B2B model for jumpstarting startups in niche functional areas. It will be based on a hybrid support model (online/offline) which will be operational from Q1, 2016

Nov 20, '15 | Social Innovation Platform

greenojo announces a digital platform called "outvest.in" which will work on social innovation projects. This will be a platform for social investors to fund technology driven ideas in selected verticals –Healthcare, Education and Renewables. outvest can be viewed as a technical medium for socio-techno investors to fund "ideas leveraging emerging and futuristic technologies for social innovation and growth". 

Aug 31, '15 | Skill Transfer Partner (STP) Program

greenojo announces its unique Skill Transfer Partner (STP) methodology for training emerging technologies to engineering and management graduates in major educational hubs in India.

Aug 28, '15 | CSR projects for healthcare, education and renewables

greenojo announces its intent to work on social innovation projects as a part of its CSR strategy- Healthcare, Education and Renewables - in Indian market. The platform will be managed and run by a separate digital entity. 

Aug 15, '15 | greenojo completes one year of operations !

greenojo, an IT solutions startup focused on emerging technologies completes its first year of going live. It is engaged in POCs and Prototypes development in technologies such as - SAP HANA, SPSS, R, CEP, SCADA/HMI, MongoDB, Apache Solr, Pentaho, Talend, etc.  for verticals such as Oil & Gas, Utility and Manufacturing.